Target Marketing

Reach outside your circle of influence to connect with consumers whose demographic, geographic, and/or psychographic profiles are most likely interested in your products and services. Services include:

Target Marketing
  • SEM/PAID SEARCH/PAY PER CLICK: connect with prospects actively searching for your products & services in your trade areas. Paid search engine marketing sits at the intersection of supply & demand, positioning your business in front of customers in discovery mode.

Compliment and augment your Search Engine Optimization efforts to ensure you are found for the key words that are most important to your business.

Paid search advertising is uniquely positioned to drive hard leads via trackable phone calls, form fills and highly qualified web site traffic.

  • Mobile Social GEO Fencing: Can target through designated addresses, capturing those who have visited your business; can also target the address of key competitors. Ads are served to consumers through a variety of media platforms (mobile, desktop, connected TV) with cross-device matching. Track foot traffic to your store when set up as a conversion zone. Other options include:
    • Target through postal addresses matching from email marketing list
    • GEO fencing for consumer and B2B convention & trade shows
    • GEO fencing for recruitment, to reach the passive job seeker
  • Social Media Marketing: Choose from leading channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snap Chat. Target by geography, demographics, interests, job title, etc.
    • Ad units include video, traditional posts, story posts, and carousel ads
    • Leverage your email and CRM data to build custom audiences and social lookalikes and matched audiences.
Target Marketing
Target Marketing
  • Video Marketing: Build your awareness and engagement of your brand via videos that target best your prospects through Connected & streaming TV, YouTube, pre-roll, social, email, mobile, and your Google Business listing. Utilize QR’s codes to drive further prospect engagement. Did you know, videos are 8X more likely to be shared and viewed than standard media?
  • Custom Audiences & Lookalike Targeting: We leverage your website data to build a profile of your visitors, marketing key products by interest
  • Multi-Channel Site Retargeting: Stay top of mind and surround those that visit your website with a retargeting campaign across multiple platforms including Web, Mobile, Social, Video, Email In-box, and Direct Mail

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