Determining the Best Options for

Maximizing Your Online Presence & Results
  • Step One: The Analysis

    First, we do a deep analysis to understand your target customers. Then, we examine your online presence to ensure you are properly optimized and ready for in-bound traffic and lead conversion. This phase can include:

    • Discoverability audit: SEO, business listing, and map search
    • Reputation management assessment
    • Local presence and website functionality review
    • Social Media audit cross referenced with market analysis
    • Competitive analysis: SEO, Paid Media, Social Media, Target Marketing
Our Process
Our Process
  • Step Two: The Plan

    Based on a deep needs analysis of your business, we will develop a strategy to optimize your online presence through a variety of digital marketing approaches including:

    • SEO/SEM tune-up: based on discoverability audit
    • Business listing optimization: based on discoverability and reputation audit
    • Reputation monitoring
    • Integrative Media
    • Content development: based on social media audit
    • Digital target marketing:
      • Search and site retargeting
      • Mobile social GEO fencing
      • Paid media: social media marketing & advertising
  • Step Three: Execution and Evaluation

    We have completed the needs analysis of your business, deciphered a digital roadmap that seamlessly folds into your marketing plan, and put our plan in to action. Throughout the duration of your campaign, we offer a variety of tactics, tools, and resources to make sure your digital marketing campaign is constantly optimized to reap the benefits of your investment.

Our Process

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